This game is still in its early planning stages. I currently have 3 players and will be looking to round out the group with no more than three more players. We currently play on Tuesdays or Thursdays (but not both). Two of us have toddlers so you must be flexible in schedule due to real life last minute changes, sick kids spouses’ schedule, and that lot. What am I looking for in a player?

  1. Non-smoking (like I mentioned, some of us have toddlers and there is no smoking anywhere in our houses, inside or outside)
  2. Respectful
  3. Leave your Drama at the door
  4. Imaginative
  5. Clean (no one wants to sit by someone who smells for hours on end)

We understand that real life does take precedence to the game and we hope you do also.

“There comes a time for each man and woman to make a choice. At this crossroad, a person must decide what they will do when injustice reveals itself. Will they cast a blind eye toward cruelty and malice, naively believing they will never suffer the same or do they reject tyranny and sacrifice their life to destroy it?” —-Ser Gerald Sersten, Knight of the Second Moon

The adventurers’ families after having shipped off their older children to their respective careers (Heir to the family, military, church, etc.) where left with trying to figure out what to do with the adventurers. The families turned to the Crimson Rose Academy to make something of these younger children.

After spending their younger years in training at the Crimson Rose academy, the adventures were deemed skilled enough to not to kill themselves (barely) and make a difference in the world that they live in.

For their first foray out of the academy have been sent to Brindol to collect some artifacts of a grand army that was defeated in Brindol for the Museum of Antiquities of Morgrave University.

While training at the academy the adventurers were contacted to become members of Disciples of Vengeance.

Eberron Adventures