Eberron Adventures

A quick start

It was a long trip to Brindol. Sieroban was so exhausted upon arriving at the Antler and Thistle Inn that he flopped down into the first open chair he found. The rest of the party, Adrana the wizard and Immeral the fighter, filled into the rest of the seats around the table that Seiroban found. Their travels having jaded the group, they looked about the room expecting a fight and also gaging the defensive position that Seiroban sat them at. Corner table, good. Near door, bad. Near windows, bad. Seiroban’s back to the door, arguable. After waiting a few minutes, and receiving a few glares from the inn keeper, the group decided that a fight wasn’t going to break out and sent Adrana to the bar to order food, drinks and rooms. While waiting for the inn keeper to finish filling the tankards of beer for the group a group of hobgoblins burst into the inn shouting “For Sinruth! For the Hand!” These hobgoblins spread out some attacking patrons and others attacking Seiroban. After recovering from their surprise, the group

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